Fitoor The Blockbuster Drama Of Pakistan

Fitoor The Blockbuster Drama Of Pakistan

Fitoor is the Pakistani television Urdu series. The meaning of fitoor in English is “obsession or madness”. This drama  is a family base romantic drama. This drama series was directed by Siraj ul haq. This television series was produced by Abdullah Kadwani and by Asad Qureshi under the of 7th sky entertainment. This series was written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. The opening theme of the drama “ Koi aisa dard de nikal jaaye jan ” was sung by Shani Arshad. There are total 47 number of episodes of this drama. The running time of one episode of the drama is 37 to 38 minutes approximately. The distributers of the drama are GEO Networks. The running of the total drama is from 14 January 2021 to 22 September 2021.

The Main Leading Cast Of The Drama ( Fitoor )

Faisal Qureshi plays the role of Haider. He is a self-made rich business man. He is a middle-aged person who have every thing and he is very handsome. He love her wife so much.

Hiba Bukhari plays the role of Dilnasheen. She is very beautiful, simple and dashing girl. Her family forced her to marriage like a typical Pakistani girl. She is in a relationship with Hamza and her family forced her to marriage with Haider. She have to marry with haider. She forgot her relationship with hamza and looking forward her future with Haider. She becomes a very caring wife. She Starts loving with Haider and try to be a good wife.

Kiran haq plays the role of Mehmal. She cheated with Haider. She loves with her luxurious lifestyle and she can do anything to maintain her lifestyle. She is very ravening and married with Ansab. But Ansab gives her nothing and use abusive language to her. She realized her mistake and comes in Haider’s life for creating difficulties for Dilnasheen.

Ismat Zaidi plays the role of Bushra. She is the mother of hader. She is very supportive and caring mother. Wahaj Ali plays the role of Hamza. Hamza is very emotional character. She is mental in the love of Dilnasheen. She want to back  Dilnasheen back in his life. He is the son of very rich business man. His parents was don’t want get married their son with  Dilnasheen.

Supporting Cast Of The Drama ( Fitoor )

Saba Hameed plays the role of Aneesa. She is the mother of  Dilnasheen. Tanveer Jamal plays the role of Sadiq. He is the father of Rida and Hamza. Annie Zaidi plays the role of Kulsoom. Farhan Ali Agha plays the role of Asim. Tipu Sharif plays the role of Ansab. Kamran Jeelani plays the role of Yawar. Mizna waqas plays the role of Afia.

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